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Foresight Cyber Platform

Foresight Cyber Platform

To enable us to deliver the best cyber security solutions for your business, we have developed our own Foresight Cyber Platform ™️.

Our platform takes data from the cyber security systems we adopt – such as Skybox and Qualys - putting it all in one place. This simplifies the solution we deliver, ensures your security is at full strength and reduces the risk of cyber-attack.

The platform allows us to continuously monitor your organisation, making it more resilient to cybercrime and ensuring it is compliant with regulations and standards.

Scalable platform that accommodates businesses of all sizes

Enables companies to achieve best possible Return of Investment (ROI) from cyber security budgets

Reconciles data and events between cyber software and IT  databases

Enriches asset data with correct contextual attributes for improved risk decisions

Automates processes to deliver near real-time results

Designed for on-site and cloud deployments

Find relationships between asset, vulnerability and compliance data or events

No sensitive data leaves client’s network

Engaging and interactive reports and dashboard automatically delivered to stakeholders

Customisable and extensible to connect with CMDBs and 3rd party security tools

Technical and Security details

Foresight Cyber Platform is a collection of application and systems, part open source and part internally coded: designed and created by our technical gurus to enhance collaboration and improve the delivery of our various managed services.

Foresight Cyber

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