Services for companies of any size


You invested in a plethora of security tools. Are these being used optimally? Our cyber security experts can help answer this question, optimise your processes & technology, and train your teams. 


Small companies

The primary goal is to keep your business running, with cyber security something you expect to 'just work'. Our wholesome services for small businesses deliver just that.  

Services for companies in many sectors

Financial sector

Trust is everything in financial sector. Compliance requirements and internal risk controls are driving investment in cyber security. We are helping banks with vulnerability management and network assurance.  


Availability and integrity are key requirements in your business. Every minute of factory floor downtime costs money. 

Our services deliver sensible cyber protection without manufacturing process disruption.  


Your clients trust you to keep their secrets secret. Even a small law practice can work on a £ billion contract, and a cyber breach potentially costing client the deal. 

Our bespoke services secure your legal practice and prove such to your clients. 


Tight margins and move to on-line shopping present business challenges. Optimise the cost of your cyber security with special services for retail companies. From assessments to full security operations.  

High tech

Intellectual property is your main company value. Small or large business, the threat of IP leakage can derail business deals and affect your future. 

Our bespoke services secure your business and data to minimise likelihood of such breaches.  

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