Reflections on a successful event at Royal Ascot May 2019

Foresight Cyber sponsored the Royal Ascot event that took place on the 22nd May 2019, yes you guessed it, in Royal Ascot. Both Bob Mann and I manned the stand and we were joined by Ashley Goodman, a student of New College Swindon. We are really excited to have supported young adults wanting to get a taste of real business life. Ashley has Asperger but that didn’t stop him from coming to support us. We believe in mindful employment, meaning we take you on your skills and dedication and don’t discriminate.

Talent is talent after all!

What made this event stand out for us was the varied mix of business sponsors and delegates. I would like to reflect on the discussions we had with a swath of people stopping by our stand. Most people were really interested in knowing more about our Cyber Security Assessment packages. We had to explain that what we do is way more than just a penetration test. We assess how your business would fare should a cyber attack strike. An attack coming from external but also internal people.

I especially loved a debate with a delegate who was not much interested in our services until we asked how he secured his email and internet accounts. The password reuse: human cannot remember more then a few secrets, this outdated security method is coded into the human DNA – not much we can do about it! From our experience, cyber security starts at work as people tend to bring good practices from work environment to home. As such, business should invest in training and give people easy to use tools. For example, we use 1Password in our business to secure all our internal staff and client secrets, and as a bonus all of our employees get a free 1Password family account. We have received great feedback from our employees about this ‘perk’.

As a closing thought I would like to thank Yola O'Hara of Visually Explained Ltd for organizing the event and greatly managing and delivering to our expectations. 


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